LEGO® City Undercover

LEGO® City - Undercover

Year: 2013

Chapter 3: Go directly to jail

Albatross Island

Objective: Find a way to Albatross Prison Island



Albatross Prison is built on an island, and getting there won’t be easy. Chase wishes to keep his investigation private from Chief Dunby, so he must find a covert means of reaching the island.



Commandeer a vehicle and drive to the police station. Don’t enter the building; instead, sneak around the back and smash a blue and white Dumpster to discover some LEGO bricks. Use these to add a blue and white bar to the nearby fence so that you may vault it and reach the pier behind the station.



Chase chats with a ship captain on the pier and learns that the ferry to Albatross Island has sunk. Guess you’ll just have to build a new one!



Building a ferry will cost 15,000 bricks! Fortunately, Ellie updates your communicator with an all-new data scan function. Now you can use the communicator to search for nearby collectibles—including superbricks!



Tap the data scan icon on your GamePad to fire up Data Scan mode. Hold your Wii U GamePad up to the TV screen afterward, then look around for items of interest. There are four attainable superbricks in your vicinity. Focus on one to lock it in, and an icon will appear on the GamePad map, revealing its location. A handy marker will also appear on your TV screen to help you track it down. Nice!


Superbrick 1


This superbrick is an easy grab—just climb up the nearby police booth and collect it.


Superbrick 2


Run toward the police station and jump between the blue and white walls to reach the upper ledge.



Use a wall runway to dash over to a handhold, then climb the blue and white LEGO patch on the side of the police station to reach the superbrick floating atop the “Police” sign.


Superbrick 3


Smash the small blue drum near the elevated train track’s steel supports. Build the remaining bricks into a handhold, then climb up.



Jump and grab the overhead LEGO patch above the handholds, then shimmy over to the roof of the nearby garage.



Run to the left, across the garage’s roof, and slide under the blue steel tower to reach the superbrick.



After collecting the third superbrick, slide back out from the tower and climb up the ladder to reach the tower’s top. A large superbrick floats just above the tower. Score!


Building the Ferry



You should now have enough superbricks to build the ferry. Run to the superbuild near the pier and press A to spend 15,000 bricks and build the ferry. This one simple act scores you two gold bricks—one for completing the superbuild and another for activating one of LEGO City’s three ferry routes!



After building the ferry, use the nearby ticket machine to travel to Albatross Prison Island. Use your GamePad to confirm your destination and set sail.


Objective: Talk to Blue in the prison yard



You’ve reached Albatross Prison. Now you just need to track down Blue. Begin your infiltration of the prison by smashing the brown crate near the guard tower to discover a box of LEGO bricks.



Carry the box to the nearby green pad, then set it down. Build the LEGO bricks to add a bar to the top of the fence, then vault over.



Smash another brown crate on the fence’s other side to discover a scan spot. Use Detective Scan to follow a trail of footprints over to a pile of debris. Search the debris to discover a key.



Collect the key, then backtrack a bit and use it to open the nearby door. Use the control panel inside the building to open the gate.



Exit the building and pass through the gate. Turn left and smash a Dumpster to discover some LEGO bricks. Build them into a blue and white wall.



Jump between the blue and white walls to climb to a steep slope. Tap B to sprint up the slope without slipping backward.



Jump onto the thin ledge above the slope, then inch your way around. Look for a bar running along the top of the fence, and vault it.



Use the grapple gun to zip up to a grapple point beyond the fence. Slide beneath the blue and white LEGOs to reach a superbrick, then slide back under and head to the right, around the rampart.



Use the grapple gun again to zip to the top of the guard tower at the rampart’s end. Leap to the nearby pole, then slide down to at last reach the prison yard.


Closed Court


Use the yard’s exercise equipment if you like, then approach the pair of inmates near the basketball court. They agree to let Chase into the court, but only if he first retrieves a basketball that some bullies stole.



Run toward the background wall and climb up to a thin ledge. Drop from the ledge to land on the other side of the fence.



Use the grapple gun to pull down an air conditioner, which shatters into LEGO bricks. Build these into a catapult pad, then use the pad to soar over to the right. Drop into a lower area and confront the bullies who stole the basketball.



The bullies aren’t interested in sharing their ball, so you’ll have to “persuade” them. Throw them around and slap handcuffs on them while they’re down. Subdue all of the bullies and then claim the basketball.



Hurry back to the two inmates by the basketball court. Hand them the ball, and they’ll open the court’s gate. Run over to the inmate in the blue hat— that’s got to be Blue!



Blue isn’t sure how Rex Fury managed to escape the prison, but he agrees to help Chase find out. Blue tells Chase to get some gear from his cell; then he’ll call him on his communicator with more information.


Objective: Enter the prison cell block



Speaking with Blue turned out to be very beneficial. Now you just need to raid Blue’s cell and find the gear he mentioned. Leave the basketball court and move to the nearby objective beacon to enter the prison and begin your search for clues.