LEGO® City Undercover

LEGO® City - Undercover

Year: 2013

Chapter 3: Go directly to jail

The Mine

Objective: Go to Cherry Tree Station



The secret passage from Rex’s cell lands Chase in hot water. Chief Dunby is waiting on the other side, furious over McCain’s meddling. Fortunately, Chase has discovered a vital clue: a small hammer that Rex must have used to tunnel his way out of prison. A small etching on the hammer reveals that it came from the Bluebell Mine!



After your run-in with Dunby, you find yourself back at the pier near the police station. Run toward the station and vault the fence, then follow your objective marker to locate the nearby train station.



Use the ticket machine outside the station to choose a destination—in this case, the Bluebell Mine. Confirm the location on your communicator, and Chase will hop aboard the train after it arrives.


Objective: Enter the mine



It’s not long before you’re dropped off at the Bluebell Mine. Simply follow the objective marker to locate the mine’s entrance. Unfortunately, the workers won’t let any unauthorized personnel into the mine. You’ll have to get rid of them!



Follow your objective marker to locate a nearby storage shed. Use the crowbar to break in, then crack the safe to discover a valve wheel.



Carry the valve wheel over to the nearby steam whistle. Place the valve wheel onto the whistle, then turn it to signal the workers that it’s quittin’ time. Enter the mine to begin searching for clues.