LEGO® City Undercover

LEGO® City - Undercover

Year: 2013

Chapter 2: Blast from the past

The Robber Leader

Objective: Go to the roadblock



Commandeer a vehicle and follow the green studs to reach the nearby Auburn Bay Bridge. Chase arrives just in time to organize a roadblock—and to see his former sweetheart, Natalia, speed by in a sports car!



Objective: Build a call-in point



After an emotional chat with Natalia, Chase receives new orders. Head down the hill to reach a gas station, and move into the objective beacon to advance the plot.



The gas station’s owner needs help: His station’s pumps have all broken! Fix all four of the broken pumps by approaching them and holding A to build their bouncing LEGO bricks.



After you repair all four pumps, the owner gladly hands Chase a rare superbrick. These special goodies give you many more bricks than you’d receive just by smashing up random LEGO objects and are vital when you need lots of bricks to build something—like the nearby call-in point!



Collect the superbrick, then use the nearby scan spot to follow some footprints over to a bin that contains another superbrick. This should give you plenty of bricks to build the call-in point (you need 12,000 bricks).



Run around and smash objects if you need more bricks.



Move onto the large superbuild pad near the gas station—this is where you can build the call-in point. Press A to spend 12,000 bricks and build the call-in point. Now you can use this station to request any of the vehicles that you’ve unlocked!



Large structures built from bricks, such as call-in points, are known as superbuilds. Each time you assemble a superbuild in LEGO City, you earn a gold brick! There are many other ways of earning gold bricks in LEGO City. Completing superbuilds often unlocks vehicle or character tokens. Building this call-in point has earned you the Trooper vehicle token. The next time you visit the police station, you’ll be able to purchase the Trooper vehicle!



Now that you’ve built the call-in point, use it to request a new vehicle. Right now, the only one you can call for is the Squaddie. Use your GamePad to select the Squaddie, and it will be instantly delivered to the call-in point. Cool!


Objective: Get the grapple gun



You receive new orders after your Squaddie arrives: Robbers have barricaded themselves atop some tall buildings, but you need a special tool to reach them. Hop into the Squaddie and motor off to Sheriff Huckleberry’s office. It’s a bit of a drive, so don’t hesitate to use those turbos!



Sheriff Huckleberry runs a smaller police station on the outskirts of town. He hands Chase a shiny new grapple gun, which is sure to come in handy!


Objective: Go to Jenny's Burger Bar



Armed with the grapple gun, Chase is ready to go after those robbers. Return to your Squaddie and head to Jenny’s Burger Bar— the robbers are hiding on a nearby rooftop.



The burger-shaped roof of Jenny’s Burger Bar makes a perfect spot to scan for the robbers. Exit your vehicle and use your newfound grapple gun to climb to the Burger Bar’s roof. Simply press A to latch on to the grapple point above the drive-through and zip upward.



Next, grapple the ladder above the drive-through and then move backward to pull it down. Now you can climb even higher!



Stand on the scan spot you find atop Jenny’s Burger Bar, and use your GamePad to scan the two tall buildings across the street. Keep searching until you locate the robbers atop the building on the right.


Objective: Go to the LEGO City TV building



You’ve found the robbers—now you just need to apprehend them. Drop from the Burger Bar and cross the street, then use the left building’s grapple point to begin your ascent.



Use the grapple gun three times to climb up to an objective beacon. Step into the beacon to begin your rooftop pursuit.


Objective: Arrest the obber leader



After arresting the third robber, notice a pair of thin poles to the right. Chase can hop across poles like these with ease! Just jump onto the first pole, then jump again to land on the second. Make one last leap to reach the far roof.



Vault the blue and white vent beyond the thin poles, and you’ll land near the robber leader. The crook isn’t about to be caught so easily, though, and quickly slides down a tightrope. Hurry after him!



The tightrope leads to a building with a steep, sloped roof. Just keep pressing the Jump button to run up the roof without slipping. Take a breather on one of the flat areas if you like.



Slide down the roof’s other side to catch up to the robber leader. Again, the crook flees—but not before he destroys the balance beam he used to reach the next building. Fortunately, a news helicopter flies up between the buildings. Latch on to the chopper’s grapple point and swing across!



Jump up the handholds that stick out from the next building. You soon catch up to the robber leader, but he flees yet again by hoisting himself up in a lift. Use your grapple gun again to zipupward and continue this epic pursuit!



Use a catapult pad to soar over to a foreground building. At last, Chase catches up to the robber leader, who misjudged his jump and is clinging desperately to the roof’s edge. Chase takes the opportunity to question the crook before reaching down to save his life. 



Congratulations, you’ve beaten your first Special Assignment! Free Play for this mission is now unlocked, meaning you can revisit the mission at any time and play through it again with Chase’s advanced skills and abilities. After you’ve beaten all of Story mode, return to Special Assignments and seek out their hidden Free Play goodies! Simply scan the GamePad map for replay level icons, then travel to each one to revisit the missions. You’ve unlocked free running! Keep an eye out for blue and white LEGO objects in the city, and perform free run moves to access new areas.