LEGO® City Undercover

LEGO® City - Undercover

Year: 2013

Chapter 1: New Faces and old enemies



It’s been years since supercop Chase McCain has set foot in LEGO City, and the teeming metropolis hasn’t fared well during his absence. Stepping off the ferry, McCain finds none other than Mayor Gleeson awaiting him at the pier. The mayor has bad news: The notorious criminal Rex Fury has escaped prison, and LEGO City has fallen under the grip of a terrible crime wave! The mayor asks Chase to hurry to the police station and get to work on apprehending Rex Fury.


Objective: Get in the police car

LEGO City Undercover is quite different from other LEGO gamesyou’ve enjoyed in the past. Rather than simply playing through one level after the next, you must explore LEGO City in search of important clues that advance the plot. Fortunately, you don’t have to explore this huge city on foot—approach the police car that Mayor Gleeson has left for you, and press X to hop in.



Important objectives, like the police car, are often marked with special onscreen indicators to help you find them.



Objective: Go to the police station


Now that you’ve found some wheels, drive to the LEGO City police station. Simply follow the trail of green LEGO studs on the road; they’ll lead you straight to your destination. Use ZR to accelerate, ZL or B to brake and reverse, and hold Y to kick on the turbos!



The police station isn't far-just keep following those green studs. Park inside the glowing objective beacon when you arrive.




Police vehicles and sports cars are usually turbocharged, but other vehicles may not have turbos.