LEGO® <i>Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes</i>

LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes

Year: 2012

Level 8 Destination Metropolis

Objective 2 Infiltrate the Airship

Objective 2 Infiltrate the Airship map

A - Smash the boxes on the right of the airship's rear cargo hold, then build the bricks into a switchthat summons the minikit (story)

B - Deconstruct the two circular doors in the rear cargo hold, the deconstruct the black debris beyond and step on both buttons (free play)

C - Find and destroy the three Kryptonite generators inside the airship (free play)

D - Fly up to an overhead ledge in the reactor room. Change into the Batsuit and shatter the nearby glass vent (free play)

E - Use Lex Luthor to Deconstruct the black crate on the storage chamber's right side, then use Green Lantern to build green bricks (free play)

F - Deconstruct the storage room's right door lock to enter the right side room. Batarang all five red lights at once (free play)

G - In the right side room, smash objects to obtain bricks, then build these into a vehicle. Pilot it and follow the trail of studs to the minikit (free play)

H - Use the Joker to enter the storage chamber's left side room, then clear the toxic waste off a switch. Pull the switch and use Robin's Acrobat Suit to beat the video game (free play)

I - Deconstruct the black object on the left side of the bridge, then pull the orange handle (free play)

J - Citizen in peril: Use Cyborg's magnetism to pull in the antenna on the airship's roof (free play)