LEGO® <i>Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes</i>

LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes

Year: 2012

Level 4 Asylum Assignment

Objective 2 Search for clues

Objective 2 Search for clues map

A - Use Aquaman to wash away five patches of Joker/ Riddler/ Two-Face graffiti (free play)

B - Claim Robin's Acrobat Suit and flip along the overhead poles in the monitor room (story)

C - After using the X-ray board, run into the foreground and descend a ladder. Deconstruct the door (free play)

D - Inside Poison Ivy's cell - fly over and use Poison Ivy to enter (free play)

E - Citizen in peril: Use the Penguin or the Power Suit found near Minikit 9 to blast open the silver cells before the long corridor to the Scarecrow showdown (free play)