LEGO® <i>Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes</i>

LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes

Year: 2012

Level 3 Arkham Asylum Antics

Objective 1 Crash Catwoman

Objective 1 Crash Catwoman map

A - After Acquiring the Power Suit, fire a missile to destroy the large statue that was wearing the top hat (story)

B - After causing Two-Face to crash, loop around the wall to the south and use the Batsuit to shatter the glass doorway (story)

C - Fly around and locate five tiny fountains within the maze. Freeze and shatter each one (free play)

D - Deconstruct the black wall to the left of the starting point, then use heat vision to destroy the gold panels on the walland use Green Lantern to build the green LEGO bricks (free play)

E - Deconstruct the black gate to the right of the starting point, then use Poison Ivy to travel through the plants. Drain the switch's electricity with Joker, then backtrack and pull the orange handle (free play)

F - Fly to the far-left passage, then with heat vision , overheat four gold flowers. Use Aquaman to cross the water, then overheat the gold statues and solve a simple puzzle (free play)

G - Fly to the left and spy a passage with a metal floor. Hang from the two wall handholds to lower them. Use Cyborg to pull a magnetic crate north under the metal floor. Search beneath the floor (free play

H - Fly north and left from the starting point to find a passage with a spiked pit. Deconstruct the black statue and build a switch. Pull the switch, then shatter the glass with Man-Bat or Black Canary (free play)

I - Fly to the northmost passage, then change to Harley Quinn and flip along the poles. Push the spinnerto lower the gate, then use Aquaman or Killer Croc to search the nook beneath the spinner (free play)

J - Use the POwer Suit to pull the glowing orange handle near the center of the maze (story)

K - Citizen in peril: On the right side of the maze, being beaten by goons - fly there (free play)