LEGO® <i>Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes</i>

LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes

Year: 2012

Level 2 Harboring a Criminal

Objective 1 Repair Robin's Helicopter

Objective 1 Repair Robin's Helicopter map

A - During Free Play, use Superman's heat vision to destroy the gold spotlight behind Robin's helicopter (free play)

B - Destroy the silver bar above the award sign to the left of the theater's entrance (story)

C - Destroy the silver spotlight. then build the bricks into an ice cream truck. Drive and follow a trail of studs to find a minikit (story)

D - Destroy five identical signboards around the theater building's exterior. One is hidden and requires the Magnet Suit to find (story)

E - While scaling the theater building, search behind the left circular tower (story)

F - After pulling the right circular tower's glowing orange handle, circle around the tower (story)

G - Citizen in peril: On the right side of the first area, being held captive by two goons with guns (story)