LEGO® <i>Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes</i>

LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes

Year: 2012

Character Abilities

Abilities a character might possess

Most characters possess at least one ability that adds to their value. Here’s a quick rundown of the different abilities a character might possess:

Character Abilities

Acrobat Ball:
Only Robin can curl into a ball and activate ball sockets, and only while wearing his Acrobat Suit.

Acrobat Pole:
Robin and Harley Quinn can flip along horizontal poles to reach special areas, but Robin must be wearing his Acrobat Suit.

Box Opener:
Only the Joker and the Riddler can open special Joker and Riddler boxes hidden throughout Gotham City.

Only Lex Luthor can rip apart black LEGO objects with his high-tech Deconstructor.

Aquaman and Killer Croc can dive underwater and explore the depths, as can Robin after he finds a Hazard Suit.

Double Jump:
Certain characters can jump a second time in midair, such as Robin while wearing his Acrobat Suit.

Batman can drain or charge electric switches while wearing his Electricity Suit, as can the Joker with the use of his souped-up joy buzzer.

Explosive Attacks:
Batman can destroy silver LEGO objects with explosive attacks while wearing his Power Suit, as can the Penguin through the use of his bomb goons.

Many characters possess the freeing ability to fly and hover.

Flower Power:
Only Poison Ivy can travel through rare flower beds to reach special locations.

Several characters can glide through the air, making a long, slow decent to remote locations.

Several characters can pull on grapple handles, for a variety of benefits.

Green Lantern’s Ring:
Only the Green Lantern has the power to build objects out of bouncing green LEGO pieces.

Heat Vision/Laser Eye:
A powerful ranged attack that allows characters to overheat and destroy gold LEGO objects, and also cut through gold walls.

Ice Blast/Freeze Breath:
Characters with freeze breath, or the ability to fire ice blasts, can douse fires, immobilize enemies, and freeze rushing water to create climbable surfaces.

Many characters are immune to all forms of damage, such as Superman.

Only Batman can become invisible and slip past security cameras, and only while wearing his Sensor Suit.

Certain characters are able to manipulate special magnetic LEGO objects, for a variety of benefits.

Power Build:
Some characters are able to build objects out of bouncing LEGO pieces much faster than others.

Shatter Glass:
A handful of characters possess the ability to shatter glass LEGO objects, for a variety of benefits.

Spray Water:
Only Aquaman and Robin can spray water to douse fires and wash away toxic waste, but Robin must wear his Hazard Suit to accomplish this.

Characters with super-breath can blow back enemies to keep them at bay. Tap the Action button to use super-breath as opposed to holding the Action button to unleash freeze breath.

Only the Flash possesses super speed, which allows him to build bouncing black LEGO pieces into useful objects.

Many characters possess super strength, enabling them to pull on glowing orange handles, for a variety of benefits.

Wall Jump:
Only Robin can jump between parallel walls, and only while wearing his Acrobat Suit.

X-ray Vision:
Some characters have the ability to peer through special X-ray walls and manipulate their inner workings, for a variety of benefits.