New game features in The Complete Saga include Enhanced Force Powers, new Power-Ups, a new Challenge Mode, all-new control with the Wii Remote, and Nintendo DS-exclusive minigames.

Force powers
Darth Vader and other Sith characters have a new way to attack with the Dark Side of the Force by lifting enemies in to the air then swinging and throwing them a new powerful "Force Throw" move. Jedi can now use an enhanced "Force Push" move to sende multiple droids flying into walls simultaneously.

Power-ups are scattered throughout all levels of the game to give you a taste of the unlockable advanced powers right from the start of your adventure. Some of these power-ups are in plain sight, but some will be a bit harder to find. Power-ups give a variety of abilities like invulnerability, turbo speed and enhanced attack damage. But the new-found power is for a limited time only, so use it well.

Wii Remote
The motion-sensitive input of the Wii Remote gives you fun new ways to control your characters. Aspiring young Jedi can practice move such as the Jedi Lunge, Jedi Slam, Force transform and Force Push using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck for the first time.

DS Games
Head over to the cantina in the Nintendo DS for eight exclusive bonus minigames and touch-screen challenges.

New levels
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga features two brand new, never before played bonus levels to truly complete the entire Star Wars story: Anakin's Flight from Epiose I and Bounty Hunter Pursuit from Episode II.

"Anakin's Flight" depicts some hi-speed space combat from Epiosde I, set against a spectacular battle backdrop. This unlockable bonus level is sure to be a new favorite for players using the SIXAXIS™ controls of the PLAYSTATION®3 or the motion-sensitive capabilities on the Wii Remote.

"Bounty Hunter Pursuit" completes the story-telling of Episode II with the high-speed pursuit of Zam Wessell. This exciting airborne chase over the bright city of Coruscant takes full advantage of the SIXAXIS™ controls of the PLAYSTATION®3, and will prove to be fun for family friends and foes in online two-player co-op on the Xbox 360.

New missions
The Complete Saga features 10 brand new Bounty Hunter Missions for Episodes I-III. As you progress through the game, and have collected a group of Bounty Hunter characters to play,, you'll be invited to undertake these secret missions on behalf of Jabba the Hutt. The 10 new missions complement the 10 missions available for Episode IV-VI for a grand total of 20 Bounty Hunter missions throughout the Saga.

New characters
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga features a total of 160 playable characters, including 10 characters never before seen in the LEGO Star Wars galaxy, such as Lama Su, Captain Tarpals, R2-Q5, Aayla Secura, Plo Koon, Dexter Jettster, Pit Droid and Zam Wessell.

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