New Dynamic 2-player Split Screen
Throughout the whole game, two players can adventure together, or split up and explore independently.

With the new “split-screen” feature, you’re no longer constrained to the same viewpoint if you want to go off in different directions – and it’s easy to get back together again.

All-New Levels Based on the First Three Indiana Jones Movies
Brand new levels take you places you’ve never been before, from the classic movies Raiders of The Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, and Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.
New scenes, new surprises, and all-new action.

All the Action from Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Indy’s newest adventure will test your skills to the max, with new enemies, new challenges, and new special abilities.
Can you discover the secret of the Crystal Skull?

Huge New Bosses to Battle
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 pits you against massive, screen-filling new enemies like this giant ant creature from The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Large Hub Worlds to Explore
All the individual levels are set within expansive worlds of adventure and excitement to explore – new “hub” environments full of vehicles and secrets to unlock as you progress.

Dramatic New Vehicle Levels
Chase the bad guys and smash your way through six fun-packed vehicle levels – more intense and realistic than anything you’ve seen before in a LEGO game.

New LEGO Builder
Now you can play with LEGO in a completely new way!
Create your own level using pre-built objects, or brick-by-brick. Place enemies and vehicles, traps and puzzles, to build your own unique adventure.

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