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Chris Rose

LEGO® Ninjago: Nindroids – Hello from Vancouver!

Chris Rose

We are so excited to finally have announced LEGO® Ninjago™: Nindroids™! It’s great that I can finally talk to you all about the game – we have so much to share. I’m reporting here from Hellbent Games in their Vancouver office, where I’m currently helping them out with their second LEGO Ninjago title. The time zone difference has hit me like a brick wall today, so if I happen to stop abruptly, it’s probably because I’ve passed out on my laptop.

I was fortunate to be around as a Tester during the development of the first title, and I could see just how much fun the assigned testing team was having, so I’m really happy that I’ve managed to sneak my way into this one.

I’ve also seen just how much Hellbent loves the series. You can hear the animators and the artists laughing from the next room as they watch the latest episode, whilst our gameplay programmers and level designers click furiously at their mice and keyboards. Over my shoulder I can see the Nindroid MechDragon standing proudly on the desk of the designer responsible for bringing it to life.


He won’t let me take it home though, so I’m not talking to him right now. The passion from the team really shows in the game, and just watching them from a distance as they tweak a couple of numbers for the AI, then re-launch the level, then sit there smiling and nodding once they feel they have that sweet spot is pretty great.

LEGO Ninjago: Nindroids showcases the well-known characters of Ninjago, as well as their special abilities, including the ever satisfying Spinjitsu. Seriously, when you burst into Spinjitsu and just plough through a room of those pesky Nindroids, you find yourself looking for more of them just to make sure you get your fill. Don’t worry though, plenty of Nindroids and other Mechs to find!

We’ve also made sure that we capture another very important aspect of what makes LEGO Ninjago so unique, and that’s the vehicles. Anyone who has watched the TV Series will know that vehicles, dragons and Mechs make up a large part of this world, and we want to make sure that we gave that a fair representation. That’s why we’ve made sure to include all of the major vehicle sequences from the latest series, including Lloyd being chased by the MechDragon, flying Zane’s NinjaCopter, smashing through Security Mech’s using Cole’s Earth Mech, dogfighting with the KaiFighter and bombing along in Jay’s Thunder Raider.

I sadly can’t go on much further, purely because I don’t want to spoil anything for both the gamers and those who watch the show, but I’ll check in again once we’re near to release to give you a little bit more on what to expect when you load up LEGO® Ninjago: Nindroids on your 3DS or Vita.
Ok, I’m off to get some more Canadian coffee and have a go at the Boss fight that has just been thrust in front of me. I’ll give you a clue who it is. He is the GENERAL of the Nindroids…

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