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Nick Ricks

Joining in on play-tests

Nick Ricks

It’s been great to have a relaxing and LEGO-filled Christmas. Loads of brick building going on and some fascinating combinations of LEGO Friends and LEGO Batman! Bruce Wayne trying to rescue Olivia, Stephanie and their other friends from Bane and Poison Ivy was fun. But all of them heading back and having a very nice tea party at the Stables was funnier! Bane judging the Heartlake Dog show was another personal highlight; I never knew he had such a sensitive side!

So they say a change is as good as a rest... and they’re right, as it’s great to be working on so many new game ideas. Frustratingly it’s all very secret and hush hush at the moment I’m afraid, so I can’t give too much away. But we’ve new games, new characters, new stories and new features coming your way soon. It’s exciting times here at TT!

Recently I had the chance to visit LEGO HQ and join in some of the play-tests being held there. It was terrific to have some of you guys being able to take a sneaky-peak at what we’ve been doing recently, and the feedback so far has been very encouraging. But I was also reminded of just how much time, effort and imagination goes into the making of the play-sets. We’ve an awesome responsibility to make sure that our games live up to these immensely high standards. No pressure then!

So I’ll sign-off for now, and I hope the Joker hasn’t caused too much chaos at the Heartlake Vet when I get home! Bless him, he is keen but I’m not sure Mia is ready for his kind of “help”!!!


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