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Graham Goring

Ding Dong, the Witch is - uh, I mean the project's finished

Graham Goring

Ding Dong, the Witch is- uh, I mean the project's finished*!

A common misconception about the video game industry is that we just play games all day long. A less common misconception is that we're all really dozens of pugs stuffed into human-suits. I'm going to address the former of these today.

When you're in the middle of making a game you don't really get a chance to play it, meaning you don't know how well it's gonna turn out until the very end, as the project winds down.

I went through my "winding down" stage on LEGO® City Undercover very recently which meant that I got to finally sit down and spend some quality time with it... And by cracky it's great! Yup, this one is definitely going on the ol' resumé***.

So, fresh from tearing around the streets of LEGO City, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite locations and encourage you to visit them when the game ships in March.

Bright Lights Plaza and Crescent Park - one of my favourite driving routes is to head north through these two districts, hitting a series of special jump points which send you zooming through the air in slow motion, crashing through barriers and obstacles - it never gets old!

Once I arrive at Crescent Park I like to stop and look around - it's full of stuff to do including a tree-house which you'll need specialist equipment to get up to, an assault course and a delightful tea-house where some unsavoury elements may be hiding.

Another great place for exploring is Cherry Tree Hills. Not only is the Police Station there (in case you want to unlock new vehicles or characters) but the roof-tops are packed to capacity with stuff to do. Every time I play I find some new side mission or nugget of gameplay there.

But for me, the prettiest area of the city is Pagoda. It's full of Asian detail, blooming Cherry blossoms, relaxing gardens and, oh, a criminal gang that only Chase McCain can bring to justice.

Anyway, now it's back to the grindstone as I start working on the next project. I'd tell you what it is but the company would fire me.

Into the sun.


* Although as Leonardo Da Vinci said "Art is never finished, only abandoned**." - I know, he spoke really good English, didn't he?
** Which makes me a piece of art - thanks parents, wherever you are!
*** Not all games I've made get onto my resumé. One game I made got a customer review from a displeased mother which stated that it "made her son cry". That one has pride of place on there.

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