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Arthur Parsons

HULK Smash!!!!

Arthur Parsons

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ 

Wowsers! Hi again – it’s me, Arthur. I’ve finally managed to sneak away from development on LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ to update you guys. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but we have been incredibly busy squeezing some jaw-dropping content into the game over the last few weeks here at TT Towers.

So the first footage of LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ has been revealed recently, with some brilliant screenshots and gameplay footage. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then you really should – we were delighted with the final demo that we showed off. Even though I’d played the demo through hundreds of times, I was still impressed! It featured Hulk with his awesome BigFig moves, and his super-cool ability to transform into Bruce Banner, plus Spider-Man and Iron Man facing off against both Sandman and Abomination, two terrific bad guys from our unbelievable cast. The giant Sandman boss featured well over 7,000 LEGO elements! Our programmers really pushed the technology to be able to get so many LEGO elements on screen at once.

That, however, is old news for us now! As motivating as it is to see the fruits of our labour, we are beavering away, making sure the next demo of the game is even more brilliant. There is still an electric atmosphere among the team (thankfully this isn’t because Thor has filled the office with lightning!). This really is a project that everybody on the team is buzzing about. New content is appearing in the game every day now: new levels, new characters, new animations, and more importantly, absolutely bucket-loads of new LEGO. Every day in the office is different – part of the reason the team and I love making LEGO videogames.

So in my first blog post I promised you guys some secrets relating to the characters that will be appearing in the game… things that nobody else knows at the moment – you know, the TOP-secret sort of secrets. Those secrets that even SHIELD agents don’t have access to! But to make sure that I don’t get into trouble I’m going to do it in code, so you’ll have to read the next part of the blog carefully :-). Remember though –  keep this to yourself. It’s a secret, right, but the clues should lead to one of my favourite groups of characters!

I’m heading back now onto the bustling streets of LEGO Marvel New York, where we are working really hard on the game overall, but concentrating on something pretty magical for the huge computer game trade show in Los Angeles called E3. This is where thousands of people come to see the latest and greatest games, and we are going to make sure that everyone is talking about LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™. You see THE THING is, we get excited making the FANTASTIC content for the game, knowing how much you guys are going to love it, and we also then love to read news stories and also the comments that you guys post in the forums. They create quite a STORM in the office, so keep posting your thoughts on what you have seen of the game thus far, and what you’d like to see.

Until next time I’m signing off, but maybe we can discuss the awesome Iron Man 3 next time round. Which reminds me – I’ve got my Iron Man Malibu Mansion set to go and build… If only I could find some space on my desk….

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