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Arthur Parsons

LEGO Marvel Team, Assemble

Arthur Parsons

LEGO Marvel Team, Assemble!!!!

Well, hello and welcome to what I hope will be a regular toe-dip into the fantastic and exciting world of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Yes, that’s right – I said LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. WOW!

While you have all been excitedly playing the other brilliant LEGO videogames, we’ve assembled a crack development team of our very own videogame-making Super Heroes, and have been busily working away on LEGO Marvel.

For the past few months I’ve been bursting at the seams, wanting to lean out of the window to shout out and tell everybody about the game. However, we need to keep these things top secret, under wraps, behind closed doors and behind our reflector shields, just while we make sure that the game design is brilliant and sensational…  that is until NOW… so WOW! LEGO Marvel… how amazing is that?!!!

My heart still beats a little faster when I say it, how exciting, hey! Getting to work on a videogame with all of your and our favourite Marvel heroes and villains! We are all enjoying work on this game here at TT Towers.

So my name is Arthur, I’m the Game Director, and I will be your guide as we explore LEGO Marvel over the next few months, giving you a little behind-the-scenes information, a sneaky peek into what we are doing.

First things first: there are a few characters in this game – in fact, quite a few characters! So make sure you let us know who your favourite LEGO Marvel minifig is so that we can try and squeeze them into the game. For now, though, I can tell you that we have got (deep breath) Iron Man, Hulk, Loki, Deadpool, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and (pause for breath as I am exhausted after all those cool characters) Spider-Man… WOW again, right?!

Right now I’m working with the design team on making sure that flying around as Iron Man is as fun as it possibly can be. We’ve just got his Repulsor blasts working, and his arc reactor fired up, and WHOOSH… we are blasting through LEGO Marvel New York. And as we land and swap to another character, I’ve just seen something that the superb animation team has put in: Iron Man is dancing the robot, body-popping away… before I know it, there are 5 – in fact, 6 – people around my desk watching and laughing. That’s the thing with a game like LEGO Marvel – the entire team are all adding their own fun touches everywhere.

What else are we working on right now? Well, we are busy piecing together something completely new for LEGO games, what we are calling Bigfig moves. We all know and love Minifigs; however, in LEGO Marvel we have characters much bigger than this – like the incredible Hulk – which we are calling Bigfigs. Right now we are putting the finishing touch on his pick-up move, where he can grab and pick up any of the LEGO vehicles driving around New York. This really is EPIC, and you will have great fun being Hulk. HULK SMASH!!!!!

Anyway, I need to get back to work and check out some of Spider-Man’s cool new web-swinging moves before someone notices that I’ve been telling you guys all of this. So until next time I’m going to sign out, but stay tuned for more news from LEGO Marvel, and I’ll see if I can reveal a few more characters that will appear in the game next time around… I need to tell somebody, and I know you guys can keep a secret, right? :-)


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