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Nick Ricks

We’ve been wrapped up in Middle-earth

Nick Ricks


My name is Nick and I work on the LEGO The Lord of the Rings game.

We’ve been wrapped up in Middle-earth for nearly 9 months, and it’s great to see just how awesome the game looks right now... and it’s not even finished!

We’ve recently taken an early version LEGO Lord of the Rings to show in Los Angeles, where hundreds of people played the game. It was great to see so may people really enjoying it, fighting the Troll as Legolas or battling the Balrog as Gandalf!

Now we’re finishing working on some of the later levels of the game, including the huge battles with hundreds of Orcs, Elves and Men. We’re also adding all of the side quests, hidden treasures and collectible characters to the massive LEGO Middle-earth hub that players will be able to explore.

It’s always great fun seeing the different sections of the game drawing together, and when you can begin to play the whole game through. It’s going to be an epic experience...


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