Tim Wileman

Tim Wileman

Associate Producer




“You may fall so many times, but always stand up!”


About me:


Lifelong gamer 15 years of video games development experience. My current role involves working very closely with the studio and various partners to ensure that our games are finished on schedule in the best quality possible.


Favorite LEGO Video Game 


LEGO City Undercover – The most ambitious LEGO game to date.


Most important in a game:


Finding the right balance between good graphic and good gameplay.


Worked on: 


- LEGO City Undercover

- LEGO City Undercover – The Chase Begins

- LEGO Batman 2

- LEGO Star Wars III – Clone Wars

- LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

- LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7


Favorite LEGO Set:


#21103 The DeLorean Time Machine
It’s a beautiful representation of a iconic vehicle that holds so many special memories for me,  growing up as a child during the mid- eighties.   


Been with TT since…


Since 2010


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