Jimmy McLoughlin

Jimmy McLoughlin


Game Director for LEGO Lord of the Rings




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About me:


I am the game director of Lord of the Rings and I have worked at TT for many years now and have worked on many different types of LEGO games. I love moving the games on from license to license and adding new and exciting features to the games. 


Favorite LEGO Video Game 


LEGO Batman: I love the combination of puzzles and combat in this game. The use of bat suits and technology at the time was a first in LEGO games. The player had to really think about which suit they needed for the upcoming puzzles.


Most important in a game:


The “feel” of a game is the most important aspect of it. The basics of running jumping and punching must be nailed before moving onto the more complicated aspects of the game. Even before levels are designed the feeling of a character running around needs to be right for the player to enjoy themselves.


Worked on: 


- LEGO Batman

- LEGO Harry Potter 1-4

- LEGO Indiana Jones 2

- LEGO Star Wars 3: The clone wars

- LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

- LEGO Lord Of the Rings


Favorite LEGO Set:


10225 R2-D2™ ( http://starwars.lego.com/en-us/Products/10225.aspx )


Been with TT since…


I have worked at TT since August 2006



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