Arthur Parsons

Arthur Parsons

Game Director LEGO Marvel Super Heroes




Surely that’s just a 5 minute job right! (It never is of course)


About me:


I’m very passionate about making great games, but also love playing great games, and nothing beats settling down for some 2 player gaming with my daughter Lily who is 9 and is my inspiration.


Favorite LEGO Video Game 


I’m tempted to say LEGO Harry Potter due to it being an incredible labour of love to make the two games over a period of three years, however it has to be LEGO Batman, a unique experience at the time, allowing player’s the joys of playing Batman and Robin, but also being able to experience the story from the villains perspective, effectively creating two videogames in one. An absolute pleasure to work on this one.


Most important in a game:


Fun, without fun there is no game. Fun is the most important ingredient in any videogame, and something that I always focus on. I always ask myself and the team would someone enjoy playing this puzzle, or this level, “is it fun?!?”.


Worked on: 


I’ve worked on a host on videogames here at TT before the LEGO ones, however of the LEGO games I have had involvement in:


- Bionicle Heroes

- LEGO Star Wars the Complete Saga

- LEGO Batman

- LEGO Indiana Jones 2

- LEGO Harry Potter 1-4

- LEGO Harry Potter 5-7

- LEGO Batman 2

- LEGO City

- and now LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.


Favorite LEGO Set:


The Fire and Rescue truck, set number 6650, my favourite as it was my first ever LEGO set


Been with TT since…


The dawn of time :-)

Well since 1997 anyhow, so a very long time, every minute of which has been a truly amazing and exciting adventure.



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