LEGO® City Undercover

LEGO® City - Undercover

Year: 2013

Chapter 3: Go directly to jail

The Search for Stinky

Objective: The search for Stinky



Meddlesome goons cause your cable car to crash en route to the cavern’s right side. Those punks! Climb the blue and white LEGO patch on the wall, making your way up to the goons.



Beware the boulders that the goons drop! Wait for them to fall past before you start to climb.



Beat up the bad guys after you climb up to their ledge, then scale the background ramp to locate a shaft. Use the grapple gun to zip up the shaft.



Beware! A mechanical grinder will make short work of Chase if he falls into it. Wait for a red-hot boulder to fall into the grinder, then quickly climb the blue and white LEGO patch to scale the shaft.



Cross the conveyor belt and bust more thugs as you work your way upward. Smash a few crates here to discover some bricks and build a dynamite dispenser.



Use dynamite to destroy the nearby outhouse. Build the remaining bits into a catapult pad that delivers you to a higher ledge.