LEGO® City Undercover

LEGO® City - Undercover

Year: 2013

Chapter 1: New Faces and old enemies

The Robbery

Objective: Go to Cherry Tree Bank



Now that you’re armed with your police communicator, your GamePad shows you a handy map of LEGO City whenever you’re exploring outdoors. On the GamePad is a police shield icon that shows the location of your next objective—the bank that’s being robbed. Press and hold the police shield icon to set a waypoint, and a navigation route will lead you straight there. Hop into the nearby Squaddie and follow those green studs to reach the bank!



Chase arrives just in time to witness a bunch of clowns fleeing the bank with big bags of cash. Looks like you got here just in time!


Objective: Arrest the getaway driver



You’ve gotta catch those clowns! Pursue their getaway van through the city, following the green studs to help you track it down. Press and hold Y to use turbos and catch up to the van. Ram into the van four times to destroy it.



The getaway driver flees on foot after you destroy his van. Press X to exit your vehicle and pursue him on foot. Chase is a faster runner than the getaway driver, and it won’t be long before you catch him. Just keep running until you get close, then press A when prompted to knock down the driver.



Nice work! Quickly press A again to slap on the handcuffs and arrest the robber. Chase then receives a call on his communicator after arresting the getaway driver. Answer it to receive your next objective.


Objective: Look for a robber at the red cafe



A suspicious clown has been spotted at the Red Cafe—he could be one of the bank robbers! Press ZL to blow your police whistle and stop a passing vehicle; then press X to commandeer the vehicle. Being a police officer has its advantages!



Follow the green studs to reach the Red Cafe. When you arrive, exit your vehicle and step into the small objective beacon. A trail of studs appears, guiding you up the nearby stairs. Follow the studs to the upstairs patio.




Ellie calls and informs Chase that she has upgraded his communicator with a new tool. Approach the nearby scan spot and press A to activate your new Criminal Scan mode. Hold your Wii U GamePad up to your TV screen to begin searching for hidden suspects!




When you discover a suspect, keep him centered on your scanner until you establish a lock. No crook can hide from Chase McCain!


Objective: Ebter the garden and arrest the robber



The suspect is hiding inside a shed in the garden across the street. Enter the garden by climbing the LEGO vines that the gardener grows.



Run to the right and stand on the action symbol in front of the shed. Press A to open the shed—the robber then flees to higher ground.



Pick up the crate of junk inside the shed and carry it to the left. Place the crate on the green LEGO mat to empty its contents and discover some LEGO bricks.



You know what to do! Build those bricks to create a useful object— in this case, a large mushroom. Jump on the mushroom, then jump again and hold B to bounce off the mushroom, soaring up to the garden’s upper level.



The robber flees to an even higher level. You’ve got to catch him! Approach the nearby scan spot and use your communicator to discover a trail of footprints, just as you did back at the police station.



The footprints lead to a suspicious pile of leaves. Press A to search through them and discover a valve wheel. 



Pick up the valve wheel and place it on the nearby water pump. The pump starts working, but the water won’t spray because the hose is being blocked!


Unlocking the hose


Follow the hose to discover the first object that’s blocking the water flow—a large rock. Smash the rock to remove this first obstacle. 



Continue to follow the hose and smash a trash can that’s also causing a blockage. Almost there!



The next object that’s blocking the hose is a lawn chair. Smash this as well.



Keep following the hose to discover a green Dumpster that’s causing the final blockage. Destroy this last obstacle to fully restore the water flow and make some LEGO vines grow. Climb those vines and hurry after that crook!




The robber flees as soon as Chase approaches. Hurry after him and press A when you get close to trip him, just as you did to the getaway driver. Quickly press A again to cuff the robber. Way to go!


Objective: Locate the last robber



The third and final clown crook has been spotted near the docks. Press ZL to blow your whistle and stop a passing vehicle, then hop in and follow the green studs to reach the docks. Park inside the glowing objective beacon, and Chase will spy a nearby scan spot.



Jump up the crates to reach the scan spot. Use Criminal Scan mode again to search the docks for the hiding robber.



The communicator reveals that the robber is hiding aboard a large cargo ship. However, the pier’s gate is closed—approach the gate to speak with a friendly dockworker who needs help opening the gate.



The dockworker drives his forklift over to a nearby building. Follow him and then jump onto the forklift, which will lift you to the building’s roof. Smash the clutter on the roof to unblock a door, then go inside.



Pull the lever inside the building to open the pier’s gate. Well, that was easy!


Boarding the Cargo Ship


Now you just need to get onto that cargo ship. Another dockworker will help you—after you help him first by retrieving his lost sandwich.



Go to the nearby scan spot and use your communicator to follow a seagull’s waddling footprints. Sure enough, the footprints lead to the thieving seagull. Pick up the sandwich and bring it back to the dockworker.



Hand the worker his “sammich,” and he’ll order the crane operator to lower a lift. Chase steps onto the lift and is quickly hoisted onto the cargo ship.



Open the doors on the cargo ship to discover the hiding robber. Pursue the crooked clown through the ship, then jump into the water and chase him up some stairs. Keep at it until you finally manage to apprehend the thief. Case closed!