Louise Andrew

Louise Andrew

Lead Artist




What amazing worlds can we create today?


About me:


I used to work in Theatre and Television creating scenery and now I help make scenery for video games. I love creating amazing worlds that look as beautiful and interesting as possible.


Favorite LEGO Video Game 


LEGO Batman is probably my favourite as visually it was so interesting. I loved making all the environments on it, with the dark moody lighting, and the characters were so cool, I just wanted to play as all of them.


Most important in a game:


When I am playing our games during development I often ask myself is it fun? Once I have completed a puzzle, do I want to keep playing and exploring more?


Worked on: 


- LEGO Starwars - The Complete Saga

- LEGO Batman

- LEGO Indiana Jones

- LEGO Rockband

- LEGO City Undercover

- LEGO City Undercover – The Chase Begins


Favorite LEGO Set:


9441 Kai’s Blade Cycle
I bought about 8 of them at Christmas for my son, my friends’ children, nephews etc as it is just so cool! I love the way the blades come out and I really like the massive tyres! 


Been with TT since…


I have worked at TT-Fusion since May 2006.


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