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Jimmy McLoughlin

LEGO® Batman 2 won for Best Family Game

Jimmy McLoughlin
Nick Ricks

A fond farewell to Middle-earth

Nick Ricks

Phew, well we’re done and I’ve got to admit... I’m kind of sad (never thought I’d say that!) It’s been a real blast seeing the game come together, but it’s nice to get back to some kind of normality.

The last part of the game’s development has been getting the final version ready for approval. Only when we are approved are the hundreds of thousands of copies made, loaded into planes and trucks and shipped all over the world. So, as you can imagine, it can be a pretty anxious time waiting for the “all clear” to come in!

We know you guys all had massive expectations for the game, as did we! So following straight after the approval there’s another nerve-shredding couple of weeks whilst we wait for the first reviews to be announced.  Now that they’re coming in, we’re delighted that you guys seem to be enjoying it so much, we’re certainly very pleased with it.

Sadly now, it’s a fond farewell to Middle-earth. But we can’t rest up; as there are so many fantastic LEGO game ideas in the pipeline! So I’ll sign off by wishing you all happy holidays, and with a promise to cram even more LEGO fun into 2013!!!


Jimmy McLoughlin

LEGO® The Lord of the Rings the quest continues

Jimmy McLoughlin
Jimmy McLoughlin

LEGO® The Lord of the Rings complete

Jimmy McLoughlin

LEGO® The Lord of the Rings complete!

We have finally completed our journey and finished LEGO® The Lord Of The Rings. Our quest is over and I think we have made an absolutely great game! I have recently been playing through the entire game from start to finish checking out all of the little hidden secrets collectibles on the way and getting 100%. The game is HUGE and I am amazed at how detailed the world we have created is!

After completing all of the levels I took a journey through the HUB and took a few pictures on the way, check em out!

At Bree (It’s a bit wet)

LEGO® The Lord of the Rings screenshot 1

Riding my goat to  near Weathertop

Taking in the views (with the elves)

I’ll put some more up as I go through. I don’t want to give too much away!


Jonathan Smith

Welcome to the Design floor

Jonathan Smith



Sorry, that can be a bit disconcerting until you get used to it.

A lot of the walls here at TT Games are made from LEGO bricks - so we'll often smash straight through and rebuild them behind us.

We've been here for 10 years, and we're still inventing new shortcuts. Hold on tight! Full speed ahead!



And now: welcome to the Design floor.

This is where all our games start out, as rough sketches, heated arguments and endless endless lists.

Look over there, in the corner! Can you see Jimmy, Lead Designer on LEGO Lord of the Rings, slumped over his desk? That game's finally finished, so Jimmy gets to go to sleep for a while.

A very little while.

He'll be back in action shortly, don't worry. But for now, let's not disturb his Mithril dreams.

I'd like to introduce you to the LEGO City: Undercover design team - but they're working in secret high up in that giant LEGO treehouse, placing the last round of collectibles in the game. No-one's allowed up until they're finished; the location of those final hidden Gold Bricks must remain closely guarded until the game's actually in the hands of players.

You should meet our other active team, though. Please, step out of the vehicle and follow me. Over here, just behind the life-size LEGO statues of LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Ron Weasley and - for some reason - a six foot tall LEGO carrot. If we approach quietly, you might be able to catch them at work...

Yes, I know it looks like they're just playing with LEGO; but they're actually designing levels for a brand new game. And if you look closer, you'll notice that the minifigures are... yes, that's right.

I know - awesome, isn't it?

What's that?

Yes, of course. And many more.

Anyway. Let's get back into the transport, and move on to the next floor.


Ah. Sorry. That wasn't a LEGO wall. Are you OK?

Phew. It'll take a while to rebuild that transport, though.

No matter. To the stairs!

Nick Ricks

Almost done on LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™

Nick Ricks

Hello again

Well we’re almost done on LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™! We’re so close to the finished game now, just the last few tweaks to make.

We’re all massively pleased how the game has turned out. When we look back to the start of the game, and remember what we wanted to achieve, we’re blown away by how much we’ve crammed in! Bet you’re as excited as me now!

Recently we’ve been getting the game running on all of the different consoles, so all of you out there can re-live this epic story in LEGO form. Each console is different, and so needs a slightly different approach to make sure it plays, looks and sounds as great as we all want it to be. That means a lot of hard work (and even more take-away pizza) by a bunch of very dedicated and creative people.

On top of this our QA team have been playing through the game time and time again (tough job eh!?) in all different languages and settings, to make sure any glitches are fixed before we make the final version.

Well you guys won’t have to be patient much longer, and I’ve got a Balrog to fight!

Signing off... for now.

Nick Ricks

We’ve been wrapped up in Middle-earth

Nick Ricks


My name is Nick and I work on the LEGO The Lord of the Rings game.

We’ve been wrapped up in Middle-earth for nearly 9 months, and it’s great to see just how awesome the game looks right now... and it’s not even finished!

We’ve recently taken an early version LEGO Lord of the Rings to show in Los Angeles, where hundreds of people played the game. It was great to see so may people really enjoying it, fighting the Troll as Legolas or battling the Balrog as Gandalf!

Now we’re finishing working on some of the later levels of the game, including the huge battles with hundreds of Orcs, Elves and Men. We’re also adding all of the side quests, hidden treasures and collectible characters to the massive LEGO Middle-earth hub that players will be able to explore.

It’s always great fun seeing the different sections of the game drawing together, and when you can begin to play the whole game through. It’s going to be an epic experience...


Jonathan Smith

Ah, hello there. Come on in

Jonathan Smith

Ah, hello there. Come on in. Welcome to… sorry, you’ll have to push the door a bit harder –there’s a big pile of bricks in the way. Here, let me move them…


OK now? Good. Mind where you step, because…


No, don’t worry about that. It was only a prototype Elven Forge model for LEGO Lord of the Rings. The design team can build a replacement in no time. Or perhaps we’ll have a Ruined Elven Forge instead. Actually, that might be better. Good work!

Have a seat. Yes, it’s made of LEGO bricks.

I know. You get used to it.

So, you’re The LEGO Gamer. We’ve been making all these LEGO games for so long… it’s such a privilege to meet you, finally! We’ve got so much to talk about.

What was the first one you played? Do you remember LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga? LEGO Indiana Jones? And which one’s your favourite? LEGO Batman 2? A lot of people are enjoying LEGO Batman 2 at the moment. An excellent choice!

Let’s talk about the future, as well. You know we’re working on LEGO Lord of the Rings right now – but we’ve got lots of other games in development which I’d like to show you. And I know you’ve got plenty of your own ideas, too.

We should start with a tour, though. If you press this button, you’ll see that our chairs can automatically rebuild into…


Yes! Our studio transport vehicle. It’s powered by ordinary AA batteries, but can reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. The wheels are scaled-up versions of the LEGO originals; we have them made in a special part of the LEGO factory in Billund. And the dragon wings? They’re for emergencies.

First stop, the design floor. Hold on tight!

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