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Arthur Parsons

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Arthur Parsons

So here we are, deep into September, I'm feeling a little guilty at neglecting this blog. That said things have been all kinds of busy at TT Towers. The last time I posted was after showing the game at E3, and since then there has been a whirlwind of activity, a whirlwind that even Storm would be proud of!

LEGO Video Games. Blogpost. A lot have happened

The team and I have been getting the game to a finished state, making sure everything is in place to deliver a truly amazing LEGO experience. Not only that, I've been racking up the airmiles, visiting San Diego to show the game at Comic Con, jetting over to Germany to show the game off at Gamescom, and back across the Atlantic again to show the game at a special event in New York. All of this while also making sure we finish the game on time so that you can buy it and play it as soon as possible.

So where do I start, that's the question, and more importantly, can I sneak a character reveal or two into this blog!?

LEGO Video Games. Blogpost. A lot have happened

I'll give you a very brief whistle stop run down of what's been going on. Comic Con was a terrific experience, showing the game off to thousands of excited people, meeting the amazing Stan Lee (who just to remind everyone is a playable character in the game - and can transform into the incredible Stan Hulk!), doing stage demos in front of crowds of people, all excited to hear about LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ and the brilliant character roster that we have.

The reaction to everything that was shown at Comic Con was unbelievable. My ears took a definite pounding when the one and only Stan Lee himself came out at the Marvel games panel, truly a moment that made me pinch myself in disbelief!

LEGO Video Games. Blogpost. A lot have happened

Gamescom was another magnificent event, one of my favourite events, as you get to interact with gamers young and old and hear first hand just what they think of our hard work. I even managed to pick up a little German whilst over there. I'm told that LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ is "WUNDERBAR" ... (which means wonderful!)... and then over in New York it was a thrilling trip seeing youngsters picking up the pads and playing the game, being able to sit on the sofa with them and really soak up their enthusiasm and enjoyment.

All the time that these events have been going on the truly exceptional team here at TT Towers have been getting everything just right in the game. We've added extra characters, extra gameplay, extra vehicles to whizz around New York in, and really been pushing the boundaries and filling the game with even more LEGO than ever before. The team have really outdone themselves with this game and they should all be extremely proud of what they have achieved, which brings us up to date, and where we are at. We've pretty much finished the game, all of those days, weeks and months of hard work, all of those wild ideas and plans have been completed, and we are now in the process of just crossing the "t's" and dotting the "i's". We are all nearly ready for a holiday, time to take a breath and see just what we have created for you all.

LEGO Video Games. Blogpost. A lot have happened

We're certainly looking ahead to launch now, there are a few events where we plan to show the game ahead of the release. We all hope that you have managed to see the new trailers that were released at Comic Con and Gamescom, they even made the hairs on my neck stand on end, and only this week I managed to sit back and actually play the game through from start to finish, take in the rollercoaster ride of the main story, explore New York and all of the hilarious fun that is hidden around every corner, and search out the various elusive interior bonus levels. LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ really is a game that we are all really proud of, and now we just can't wait for you guys, the most important people in this whole process to pick up your copy of the game and settle down and enjoy it.

Enough of that though, we've still got a little more tidying up to do, just a little, but let's have a celebratory character reveal shall we... I've been checking through the list, and we passed through the 150 playable character mark (between you and I this wasn't meant to happen, I set myself a limit that was well below this - WHOOPS!). We just couldn't help ourselves, I think we got a little carried away with it all... so the question is - which characters should I reveal on the blog... there are still so many wonderful characters to reveal, however let's go back in time, all the way back to 1964, where in the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 Doctor Octopus formed a group of villains.

In that group were Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Mysterio and Vulture, 4 characters that we have already revealed to be present in the game...
So let's complete that group, the original Sinister Six, and reveal that both "Electro" and "Kraven the Hunter" will be present in LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™. So the group will be complete! Our heroes need to watch out!

LEGO Video Games. Blogpost. A lot have happened

LEGO Video Games. Blogpost. A lot have happened

LEGO Video Games. Blogpost. A lot have happened

Anyway until next time, stay tuned to all things LEGO Marvel, and watch out for much excitement on the run up to launch. 


Arthur Parsons

Busy times at TT Towers

Arthur Parsons

So welcome back, you wonderful people. So much has happened since my last post. Development on the game is moving at an astonishing pace – there is LEGO flying left, right and centre, everyone on the team running around in a complete blur. So many new and exciting things are going into the game all the time, it really is astonishing seeing all of the brilliantly talented guys and girls on the team crafting away, making this amazing LEGO adventure as brilliant as possible. Every single day in the office I get to see so much new content it blows my mind, only today I saw the fully finished Raft level, and trust me – you guys are going to have so much fun playing that one! Each and every level we finish seems to be more awesome than the last, and it is marvellous seeing the journey these levels have taken from initial paper design to finished quality.

Anyway, more important than that, you guys want new news, new facts, information that will satisfy your hunger for all things LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™, right?!!!

I recently returned from Los Angeles, where some of the TT guys and I were lucky enough to be showing off LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ to the great and the good of the world's videogame journalists at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). A spectacularly busy three days of non-stop demos and interviews, showing people just how terrific the game is, which was so enjoyable. We started the show off with a reveal of a new trailer for the game, so if you haven't watched this, then you really should – you'll enjoy it. Watch the Marvel Super Heroes Trailer

Whilst at E3 we announced new characters, including Magneto. We revealed that the game will be coming out on the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, as well as all the majority of other consoles and handheld devices. And we showed off the Asgard level, which features Loki and the Destroyer armor, which our LEGO builders in the office did a sensational job of creating from LEGO. The stand at E3 was a constant hub of activity. All of the consoles were on the go non-stop, which shows just how much people are wanting to get a look at the game – well, that and the jaw-dropping LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ wall behind the consoles. I'm not sure of the exact number of bricks in it, but it definitely drew the crowds!!!

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Wall of LEGO from E3

Then came little bit of sleep. OK, quite a lot of sleep, as I was exhausted, and a quick airplane trip back across the Atlantic later and I'm back in the office, catching up on the latest events in the office, letting everyone know how well the game was received by everyone. But there is no rest, not when we want to make you the greatest game you'll have ever played... EVER!!!

So the frantic pace in the office from before E3 is now even more frantic. We are trying to get all of the content into the game, all of the levels, LEGO models, characters, everything... and then some extra bits! When you buy the game it very well might burst out of the box at you, it's so full.

Anyway, back on track, more new exciting things that you want to know about. In tandem with us trying to get all of the game content in, we are now working on some exclusive new content for Comic Con in San Diego this month. This is a really big deal for us, as it is going to be the first time that you – yes, YOU, the gamers that will eventually buy this game and play this game – will be able to get your hands on it and actually have a play of LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™... EXCITING, RIGHT?!!! Obviously, you will only be able to play it if you are going to attend Comic Con in San Diego. If you are, though, then make sure you hunt the game down and come and play it. I'll be there, so if you want, you can come and play a level in 2 player with me – that's when the game is at its best.

So as well as the game being playable there, we are also going to make several announcements that will totally knock your socks off. You'll be pinching yourself when you see what we will be showing and announcing – it really is that good! So if you are there, keep your ear to the ground (not literally of course because someone might accidentally stand on it), so that you can be one of the first to hear the news and see what we will be showing off. I can't go into any detail here. That's right, I can't even sneakily hint at what this stuff might be – this is super secret stuff, protected by SHIELD itself!!!

...however, I think I might be able to sneak a new character reveal your way – one that NOBODY else knows about yet… so a kind of LEGO blog exclusive, I guess. That's probably why some you are still reading, right? I'll even see if I can sneak a screenshot up for you too! So let's see, I'll do it in secret code again – you know, just to make sure the information gets to you without anyone knowing. Actually, even better, let's do it like a game show – so I'll give you clues, and then you can buzz in when you know the answer! Well, you can pretend to buzz in, as I actually don't have any buzzers, and probably wouldn't be able to build any out of LEGO that would link to every one of you. OK, so pretend to buzz in...

Test your buzzer... everything working, OK? Right, let's go...

The character is a classic villain of the X-Men...
He is usually pretty grouchy...
Nope, sorry wrong answer... just kidding....
He is a character that you would associate with Wolverine...
He doesn't really like Wolverine....
He has claws....
YAY, YOU!!!! You've got it right!

(If not then the answer is Sabretooth! Just keep it a secret, OK? He's one of the bad guys in the latest level we've just finished off, and he is brilliant fun to play in freeplay.)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Whoops.... I've just looked over my shoulder, and there is a queue of people waiting for answers to questions, so I'm going to need to sign off and get back to work. So until next time, keep your eyes and ears out for all the news from our announcements at Comic Con. Until next time... Excelsior!!!

Arthur Parsons

HULK Smash!!!!

Arthur Parsons

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ 

Wowsers! Hi again – it’s me, Arthur. I’ve finally managed to sneak away from development on LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ to update you guys. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, but we have been incredibly busy squeezing some jaw-dropping content into the game over the last few weeks here at TT Towers.

So the first footage of LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™ has been revealed recently, with some brilliant screenshots and gameplay footage. If you haven’t checked it out yet, then you really should – we were delighted with the final demo that we showed off. Even though I’d played the demo through hundreds of times, I was still impressed! It featured Hulk with his awesome BigFig moves, and his super-cool ability to transform into Bruce Banner, plus Spider-Man and Iron Man facing off against both Sandman and Abomination, two terrific bad guys from our unbelievable cast. The giant Sandman boss featured well over 7,000 LEGO elements! Our programmers really pushed the technology to be able to get so many LEGO elements on screen at once.

That, however, is old news for us now! As motivating as it is to see the fruits of our labour, we are beavering away, making sure the next demo of the game is even more brilliant. There is still an electric atmosphere among the team (thankfully this isn’t because Thor has filled the office with lightning!). This really is a project that everybody on the team is buzzing about. New content is appearing in the game every day now: new levels, new characters, new animations, and more importantly, absolutely bucket-loads of new LEGO. Every day in the office is different – part of the reason the team and I love making LEGO videogames.

So in my first blog post I promised you guys some secrets relating to the characters that will be appearing in the game… things that nobody else knows at the moment – you know, the TOP-secret sort of secrets. Those secrets that even SHIELD agents don’t have access to! But to make sure that I don’t get into trouble I’m going to do it in code, so you’ll have to read the next part of the blog carefully :-). Remember though –  keep this to yourself. It’s a secret, right, but the clues should lead to one of my favourite groups of characters!

I’m heading back now onto the bustling streets of LEGO Marvel New York, where we are working really hard on the game overall, but concentrating on something pretty magical for the huge computer game trade show in Los Angeles called E3. This is where thousands of people come to see the latest and greatest games, and we are going to make sure that everyone is talking about LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes™. You see THE THING is, we get excited making the FANTASTIC content for the game, knowing how much you guys are going to love it, and we also then love to read news stories and also the comments that you guys post in the forums. They create quite a STORM in the office, so keep posting your thoughts on what you have seen of the game thus far, and what you’d like to see.

Until next time I’m signing off, but maybe we can discuss the awesome Iron Man 3 next time round. Which reminds me – I’ve got my Iron Man Malibu Mansion set to go and build… If only I could find some space on my desk….

Arthur Parsons

LEGO Marvel Team, Assemble

Arthur Parsons

LEGO Marvel Team, Assemble!!!!

Well, hello and welcome to what I hope will be a regular toe-dip into the fantastic and exciting world of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. Yes, that’s right – I said LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. WOW!

While you have all been excitedly playing the other brilliant LEGO videogames, we’ve assembled a crack development team of our very own videogame-making Super Heroes, and have been busily working away on LEGO Marvel.

For the past few months I’ve been bursting at the seams, wanting to lean out of the window to shout out and tell everybody about the game. However, we need to keep these things top secret, under wraps, behind closed doors and behind our reflector shields, just while we make sure that the game design is brilliant and sensational…  that is until NOW… so WOW! LEGO Marvel… how amazing is that?!!!

My heart still beats a little faster when I say it, how exciting, hey! Getting to work on a videogame with all of your and our favourite Marvel heroes and villains! We are all enjoying work on this game here at TT Towers.

So my name is Arthur, I’m the Game Director, and I will be your guide as we explore LEGO Marvel over the next few months, giving you a little behind-the-scenes information, a sneaky peek into what we are doing.

First things first: there are a few characters in this game – in fact, quite a few characters! So make sure you let us know who your favourite LEGO Marvel minifig is so that we can try and squeeze them into the game. For now, though, I can tell you that we have got (deep breath) Iron Man, Hulk, Loki, Deadpool, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and (pause for breath as I am exhausted after all those cool characters) Spider-Man… WOW again, right?!

Right now I’m working with the design team on making sure that flying around as Iron Man is as fun as it possibly can be. We’ve just got his Repulsor blasts working, and his arc reactor fired up, and WHOOSH… we are blasting through LEGO Marvel New York. And as we land and swap to another character, I’ve just seen something that the superb animation team has put in: Iron Man is dancing the robot, body-popping away… before I know it, there are 5 – in fact, 6 – people around my desk watching and laughing. That’s the thing with a game like LEGO Marvel – the entire team are all adding their own fun touches everywhere.

What else are we working on right now? Well, we are busy piecing together something completely new for LEGO games, what we are calling Bigfig moves. We all know and love Minifigs; however, in LEGO Marvel we have characters much bigger than this – like the incredible Hulk – which we are calling Bigfigs. Right now we are putting the finishing touch on his pick-up move, where he can grab and pick up any of the LEGO vehicles driving around New York. This really is EPIC, and you will have great fun being Hulk. HULK SMASH!!!!!

Anyway, I need to get back to work and check out some of Spider-Man’s cool new web-swinging moves before someone notices that I’ve been telling you guys all of this. So until next time I’m going to sign out, but stay tuned for more news from LEGO Marvel, and I’ll see if I can reveal a few more characters that will appear in the game next time around… I need to tell somebody, and I know you guys can keep a secret, right? :-)


Jonathan Smith

Oh, you’re back. Great! We lost you for a moment. Time to continue the -

Jonathan Smith

Oh, you’re back. Great! We lost you for a moment. Time to continue the -

What’s that? As we were just walking up the stairs together, you were grabbed by a giant squid, yanked right through the wall and into the street outside, then pulled slowly and relentlessly towards the creature’s hideous maw? And suddenly rescued by the flaming arrows of a dozen Elvish archers, parachuting in formation down from their multicoloured gunship?

Yeah, that happens a lot around here. Sorry.

Glad you made it back, though. Time to continue the tour!

The effects you just experienced are highly localised reality distortions caused by the fearsome forces at work in our core technology laboratory. Here, at the very heart of TT Games, a band of highly trained programmers do daily battle with the primal essences of the universe - the ones and zeroes without which our worlds could not exist.

Take a look through this special protective security window. You see how boldly they wrestle with the code? How fearlessly they debug? Researching never-before-imagined ways to bring magic to the games. Splitting screens. Changing the very laws of physics with each update. Amazing, isn’t it?

Oh, by the way, while you were out with the squid, we announced the release this year of LEGO Marvel. You saw some of the designs downstairs, I know - but now we’ve made the announcement public, so we can let you out of the building without wiping your memory.

I mean - um... Nothing.

So come through to the Art department, and you can take a closer look at how LEGO Marvel is shaping up...

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