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Graham Goring

LEGO City Undercover very close to being finished

Graham Goring

Hey there! I'm Graham, and I'm the writer for LEGO City Undercover, which - as I type - is getting very close to being finished. As a result, everyone on the team is as busy as a bee* making the game as super spiffy shiny-trousers as possible.

Even though all the writing is done on the game, that doesn't mean I get to put my feet up. Although I frequently do, which is when my boss yells at me and points at the list of things I've still gotta' do. One of them is simply getting the dialogue we recorded into the game, in the right place (although Ben - Hi Ben! - does a lot of this, too). That also includes putting all the foreign dialogue into the game in the right place, too. So, if - when you're playing the game - one of the characters is speaking Spanish, then you know who to blame. Or thank, if you're playing it in Spain.

Additionally I have to set up a bunch of the little mini cut-scenes you see in the game (not the all-singing, all-dancing ones you see at the start and end of levels and during important story sections, they're done by a team of incredibly talented animators over in Knutsford). My task involves setting up cameras and trying to point them in the right direction, so you're not looking at someone's elbow when they're talking (unless they're talking about a tennis injury) - it's quite fiddly, sometimes taking many hours to get right, but the end result is worth it.

My last job is the simplest, and that's just knowing everything about the plot of the game. It's so that if someone says to me "Why is that character called Rudolph Pianola?" or "Why can that cow talk?" I can instantly retrieve the answer of "I think I had a fever that day.".

Until next time!

* An especially busy bee. Or a lazy one who's left filing his taxes until the last minute.

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